In case I haven’t mentioned, or you weren’t listening when I did: I AM 100% AGAINST THE USE OF CELL PHONES WHILE DRIVING!! APPS, VOCAL AND TEXT. Do NOT call/text me while you are driving. Do NOT answer my call, read my text/respond to my text while you are driving. IT CAN WAIT! Pull over in a safe place or wait till you reach your destination. OUR LIVES ARE MORE IMPORTANT! Don’t make me a part of your crash. If I am in your vehicle while you are attempting to call/text, I will be asking you to pull over and let me out. So many lives are ending on a daily basis due to this insane addiction. Every day my life and yours are put in danger by other people using their cell phones while driving. Why raise the probability by also being a user? Do your part to keep our families safe. How are you going to feel after you accidentally kill someone’s pet, child, mom, dad, sister, brother, etc.? Quite possibly your own…

Angel with mobile phone

Angel with mobile phone (Photo credit: Akbar Sim)


~ by Flawless Destiny on July 28, 2012.

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