Glad to Have Current TAGS, At Least

Nice bike, nice trailer

Nice bike, nice trailer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GRRRRRRRR-OOOD Morning! Yeay for a day off! Sucks that it’s gonna cost me…  Bike’s in the shop. (Throttle came loose?)  Great time to realize you also don’t have AAA, like you thought. And since none of the tow companies think it important to answer their phone at 5 am…. I was relieved to find out that renting a truck and motorcycle trailer from U-Haul (luckily, right around the corner from th…e house) is actually cheaper (traveling 30mi) than it would’ve cost to have it towed 6miles. And double appreciative to my awesome nanny girl for picking me up off the side of the freeway, before her shift even started! You rock girl~  Will be nice if I get a call in a little bit from the shop to tell me that instead of not being able to get work done for two weeks- they’ll squeeze me in today. KEEP fingers Crossed~ Is it nap time yet???

I wasn’t even gonna mention the part about how a cop stopped to assign a tow tag to my bike, it having sat there unattended for less than an hour. And how he casually drove away- rather than staying to at least see that I got it loaded ok. …(Cuz I probably wouldn’t accepted his help had he offered. I’m a BEAST like that.) Push a 600lb bike not only uphill but up a ramp slopped up that same hill… And it’s equally AWESOME that I was both able to figure out how to use the strap mechanism! and also how not to use the straps to secure a bike so that it doesn’t fall over and add additional detailing effects to the saddlebag. (Yeah- who’da thought that’s where I’d go wrong?)      But to think all of this may have been even worse… I could’ve actually been able to open the casing (because the bolts were NOT stripped) and I could’ve been really sad to find out I voided the  warranty I never purchased when I bought the bike even though I was able to fix it right then and there. SO GLAD THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN!  I mean really.

~ by Flawless Destiny on April 24, 2012.

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