So if you tend to be: an over-achiever. And. your co-workers are less than proficient. Or as I like to say it: over-exaggeraters. -Do you see it as the perfect opportunity to shine…which has the good chance of making you look like you have ladder-fever and don’t care who the rungs are… because ultimately your looking good in any way is going to shadow them whether you mean it to or not??? or D…o you try to slow your role… hoping to go un-noticed but being just fast enough to stand out slightly (because you obviously want to advance still)??? or Do you take notes on what’s not working for others, suggest to management (as they have requested by putting up a “suggestion box”) specific ways to improve, and do it all anonymously???   Do you just kick ass to your full potential and be bored the rest of the time, continue to ask for more work, and let your energy take you to the next step??? and finally; why is that I worry going into situations feeling intimidated and leaving feeling like, “This seems so easy. They keep saying its difficult. Am I missing something? or is the reality of it all – that they are indeed ‘over-exaggeraters’? Perhaps they are in their ‘high-life’ getting away with doing the bare minimum… who am I to shatter their world with my ‘lets do work’ attitude. Man. I can’t be the buzz kill this early in our relationship!

~ by Flawless Destiny on April 21, 2012.

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