Backwards Thinking. Don’t know where to begin?


Money (Photo credit: 401K)

I was trying to explain my thoughts on ‘Backwards Thinking’ to my girlfriend the other day and decided it may be a good blog post as well… So here goes.

People probably have asked you throughout your life, what would you do if you suddenly had some exorbitant amount of money. (Consider it being after tax taken, for you anal folk) What were your answers? Did they change from time to time as you got older? …as you got wiser? Was there a particular trend? Did you think through, ‘what would be the smart answer?’ or was it more like ‘what’s the most expensive thing I could buy?’ or maybe it was along the lines of, ‘what would truly make my heart leap with joy?’, or ‘what am I passionate about?’

So What Would You Do? Be honest with yourself when you answer that question.

I, for one, know what I would do and almost the exact order I would do it too. This is a particular situation where ‘Backwards Thinking’ works for me:

0) Drink/celebrate as soon as I found out, even before receiving/cashing etc. (Just being honest folks!)

1) Create a financial plan. (Once done with this exercise my financial plan will be vaguely complete and just need tweaking)

2) Receive/Cash,etc then Deposit what has been budgeted to be set aside for savings.

3) Take our family out to dinner. (Discuss Financial Plan)

4) Buy a car. Probably 2. (One for D and one for me.)

5) Pay debts owed. (School loans, Credit, Living Expenses, etc.)

6) Go shopping, with the family. for our family. (clothes, shoes, accessories…)

7) Grocery shopping. (A whole new kind when not so consumed with cheap-n-easy)

8) Massages, Hair, Pedis, etc. (Body Beautification Project, again for whole family)

9) Minor helps to close friends.

10) Consider and apply some ways to make our money grow.

11) Buy a house.

12) Buy New Furniture & Kitchenware

13) Toys & Entertainment

14) Get Passports

15) Me & D Vacation/Honeymoon/Anniversary, etc.

17) Family Vacations

18) More extensive Help to Friends

19) Cosmetic Fix

20) Charity (while feeling guilty I didn’t sooner)

21) I could go on and on…. adding more in between what I already have listed. Getting more and more in detail. But I’m too excited and have to move on to the bulk of my …negative numbers… (poor word usage there for sure, in this sense I’m not meaning philosophical negative). I can always go back and finesse this list later.

So now what? Well now I have a set of goals. I have a generic plan towards the end closest to reaching my goals. And now it’s a matter of continuing this example of ‘backwards thinking’ to come up with a plan to get this ‘money’.

New set: How are you coming upon this money? Well I’m not buying into the idea of winning it. And I honestly believe the best way to get it is to make it.

So we’ll make that number negative 1.

-1) MAKE money

Sounds easy enough untill you start thinking about the rate at which you are currently paid. Right? And then you’re like, crap…there’s no way. Otherwise I’d have met my goals already and be living the afore-mentioned life right now.

Ok, I’m with ya in empathy. But what I want to stress here is that this way of thinking; all the reasons it can’t work for you right now: is the negative prone psyche you have to throw out and replace with a Positive Psychology!

You can do it! Just do it (yay for Nike)!

Next question: “How much will it take?” (How much was the exorbitant amount of money you started with?)

Maybe the next question is similar to: “What’s the best way to make that kind of money?” Is it by working in a certain position for someone else/another company? Is it better to start your own company? Would it make more sense, and does it sound more time efficient to have money coming in from multiple sources? (ie: investments, side business, job, liquidating something else)

Perhaps the next question to answer down one line of thinking is: “What rate of pay would it take?”  Followed closely by, “What can I do, to position myself in a spot that would earn that kind of money?”  “Do I need more tools to get there? (ie: additional education?) What’s the answer to your questions? Are you now seeing what belongs on numbers -2) thru -10)?

Keep going down this route of backwards thinking. Be sure to write down your answers. Continue till the point of knowing “What step do you take right now in this moment? and the next?” and so on…

Then all there is left to do is follow your plan… or die trying! In the words from Meet the Robinson’s, “Keep Moving Forward!” or as Tony Robbins says, “Take MASSIVE Action!” Again with the Nike, “JUST DO IT!” You should be seeing the Big Picture by now. 😉 Happy Travels!


~ by Flawless Destiny on February 24, 2012.

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