So I came upon a description of passive-aggressive people and their common traits or actions… I was suprised to see how many of them directly reminded me of…me. I’ve never thought of myself as passive-aggressive. Maybe a specific occasion or two, but definitely not as such a large portion of my personality. Sadly I admit I think I’ve been mistaken. The good thing is though, now that I recognize this flawed approach, I can now be actively combatting it with healthy assertiveness. Like I mentioned earlier- only takes effort till it becomes natural.

I also read that this tendency is often related to over-controlled conditions growing up. (ie: parenting) Now that makes sense!


~ by Flawless Destiny on February 23, 2012.

4 Responses to “Passive-Aggressive?”

  1. I truly believe that most passive-aggressive people don’t realize they are passive-aggressive. I certainly didn’t till i went to college and it was pointed out to me, for years i said “i detested people like that”… i should have looked in the mirror…lol

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  4. Knowledge is power, and the will to correct and balance behaviour is a nobel endeavor. I send my positive energy your way !!!

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