“Learning is remembering”

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I’ve felt a little down the past couple days, and so today I decided it was time to do some ‘homework’ or exercises that I picked up, and modified for my better use, this past year. It’s interesting how quickly some things we learn or experience can fade away in one instance and yet re-surface, sometimes even more profoundly than before, in others…. I guess it puts me back in sort of journalism mode. If not for anyone elses benefit, but for mine. Reviewing past personal insight seems to be an approach I’m drawn to.  Distorted thoughts can be extremely difficult to kick in the ass, but once I get to the point of at least observing them as they happen – it’s smooth sailing from there. I believe it was Socrates that said, “Learning is remembering”. How true are those words in my life.


~ by Flawless Destiny on February 23, 2012.

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