teaching a 2yr old how to ‘handle’ a dvd:

 (And if I wanted to really get him going, I’d get out my stop watch and time him!):
 1. we use 1 finger, What comes after 1? Two. That’s correct! 2. We press the 2 buttons in the middle! …. Very good listening! Ok. What comes after 2? 1,2,three! 3 comes after 2! You are so good at counting!…………and so on and so forth….. Kids are …amazing!! They are learning so much so quickly and trying to dumb-down their way of communicating so that we ‘older’ folk can understand THEM!  It’s ridiculously cool! How privileged am I to get to be both H and X  mom. *tear* I love you two so much!

~ by Flawless Destiny on February 22, 2012.

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