So PROUD of my not-so-little girl!!

I had a parent/teacher conference yesterday afternoon: Her teacher’s comment went like this, “This will be a very quick meeting. I really have no issues with H. She is my best student in the class and the most intelligent student I’ve ever had the privilege of teaching. She is so smart and she is confident in her abilities. She always has the right answer,… and yet is not one of those kids that has to raise her hand for every single question. She asks very in-depth questions and I encourage that in my students. She is also very willing to help her fellow students which is great to see. Do you have any questions for me?”  HOW FREAKIN AWESOME is that to hear as a parent!!! Of course I already knew she was a super smart cookie – but to hear it from her teacher is extra special. WELL DONE

~ by Flawless Destiny on February 22, 2012.

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