ME – 2011 Town Lake Toastmaster of the Year!

Lady Bird Lake (HDR)

Lady Bird Lake (HDR) (Photo credit: Avelino Maestas)

from the club president…. “It is with great pleasure that I announce the results of nominations for Town Lake Toastmaster of the Year.  This year’s award recipient has tirelessly worked to help create a friendly and motivational club environment.  She is very determined, readily volunteers for positions, and tackles challenges with great enthusiasm.  I personally find her commitment to leadership and self improvement very inspiring…”

‎She “will be presented with the award on a club meeting day of her choosing.   The award includes $25 to the Toastmaster’s International Store, and a club meeting to celebrate her contributions toward the club.  She will also be honored at the District Spring conference, and receive her Outstanding Member recognition pin.”

‎”Here are a few comments from her nominations: “She has contributed greatly, from chairing numerous contests, volunteering to be Toastmaster, giving many speeches, and more.” “Since joining, she has been an asset to the club both in speaking and as a Sergeant at Arms” “[She is] very ambitions as a newer Toastmaster- reflected both in her numerous speeches and willingness to compete in club contests” “She is a very motivated and determined new member, and has become a great example!” Congratulations!  You are a great asset to our club!”


~ by Flawless Destiny on February 22, 2012.

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