Grasp what sings to you and let it guide your next move.

Isn’t it odd how the world changes from generation to generation. Yes many things stay the same, and history does repeat itself, in unique ways. But look at how different things are too. The thought process of individuals, for one. Not to mention beliefs and priorities. Mentality changes. To think back and try to see life through my grandmother’s eyes, I can see where she would feel like the world… has gone to hell in a hand-basket. People have fallen away from in-grained belief systems. And not to say they’ve even fallen. How about looking at it from a perspective of: they’ve grown, learned, and discovered new truths. They’ve embarked on….what may only be the first 10% of what the human race has yet to discover/learn. ….The world is full of hypocrisy. And that’s not to say that it is always intentional. But boils down to judgement. And there is no one on this earth that has the right to judge another. We are too ignorant to even begin to be able to know the wholeness of any given situation. Your perspective, my perspective. Who’s to say which is right or wrong. Is there a true right or wrong? How do we explain morals? Why is it that our land is governed by a select set of individuals ‘moral’ judgements that have merely been passed down generation to generation where you are expected to believe that which your ‘teacher’ believes. When does a life get the right to choose. When does a human life get to say, this is NOT what I believe. This is not what I want life to be. When do the infinite number of judgemental people around them finally give in and say, “Ok. That’s ok. What do you believe?” opening their minds to the answers that will come and actually allow them the time and leniency to discover for themselves what they believe to be true or moral or correct. Who are we to put barriers around any living creature to keep them from becoming what they are destined or longing to be? We should rather be focused on ourselves. It is the core of love to appreciate, value and honor your own true being. (you can’t love another without first loving yourself?) On what we want in this life. On what we want to hold as precious or with deity. We need to take a stand in and among ourselves to fight for what we think is right. To fight for what we hold to be our truths. To not give in to what others push on us. To throw worry of what other’s might think – to the wind. Let it go. Let yourself be. Open your mind to the endless possibility. Grasp what sings to you and let it guide your next move. It’s the cleanest way to inner peace, understanding, acceptance, and self-motivation to rise above.

~ by Flawless Destiny on February 22, 2012.

One Response to “Grasp what sings to you and let it guide your next move.”

  1. Life is always in flux, changing from one beautiful form to another. I like what you say..about being yourself and fighting for who you are. I am opening my mind. Great post.

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