Excuses, Excuses! Get rid of them!

"No excuses^ Watch your waste." - NA...

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I would like to urge everyone to take a deeper look into their reality… When does a ‘reason’ become an ‘excuse’. Too many of us, in today’s society, have become accustom to using ‘reasons’ as our crutch… Which are then nothing more than an excuse! I believe it was Carver that said, ‘99% of failure comes from people with the habit of making excuses“….

Apparently my phone thought I had enough time standing on my soap box….but I also wanted to say….  ….I am obviously also guilty of making excuses from time to time; and yet it doesn’t quite hit me how disgusting it is until I’m stuck wading through the stench of others shortcomings from simply lacking the inner drive to be better than the status quo…

… I guess it’s hard for me to be understanding or even sympathetic to those people who always want to bitch about how their life is, or more accurately: is NOT going, when they themselves are the ones making all the excuses.

…life for me is not necessarily my ideal success…but I’ve taken the initiative to achieve more…to go bigger, better, and work towards my ideal… & I’m comfortable with the fact that it won’t be a straight shot to the finish line, but more of a meandering river run. “Patience is a virtue”…but “persistence to the point of success! Is a blessing”

‎…ok,  I think I’m ready to step down from the box now…    Everyone make today a phantasmic experience! Each one of you deserve to have joy and fulfillment and love and your dreams to become your reality!


~ by Flawless Destiny on February 22, 2012.

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