A Positive Psychology; Get One!

“Decide to change a belief, replace that belief with a better belief, and above all practice that new belief over and over in real life and imaginal until it feels natural and becomes a habit.” What beliefs of yours would you like to change? Perhaps one of your self-image, one of the way you view another person in particular or the world as a whole, or maybe even a belief you have about money. T…here’s no better time than NOW to make a decision to change your habits….  Like I told a friend the other day, “…for those less fortunate, being awesome only takes a lot of work untill it begins to come naturally for them.”  … In all seriousness, our beliefs affect our lives in more ways than most probably realize. Why not decide for yourself to have beliefs that take you further, make you happier, and work in your benefit. Why wait till tomorrow when you can get yourself started down the road to a ‘positive psychology’ today!
 Money example: exchange “I’m always broke.” with “I always have enough!” or even better “I always have a surplus!” Or here’s another: “I dont even have money saved.” can be replaced by “I love Saving money, it’s so easy!”
Food example: exchange “If I feel bad, food helps.” with “If I feel bad, exercise helps.” or “I’m craving it. I must have it.” with “I am craving water/fruit/vegetables/health/etc.”   Make eating vegetables look like it’s cheating on your ‘diet’. (Do it quickly and in hiding if you have to. Or just nibble on a healthy snack….like you would on the pan of brownies you shouldn’t be eating. (;  )
How about Envy?  Replace “Others’ creativity and intelligence is so much more than my own. I feel like nothing in comparison.” with something like, “I am immeasurably creative and intelligent in my own way. There is no comparison.”
Simple self-reflection (esteem):  Throw out “I’m a failure” or “I can’t” and replace with “I am a success” or from my sister, B’s, mouth “I got this!”.
How about lack of sleep? A belief, really???  Ever catch yourself telling someone, “I have trouble sleeping.”? Well, chances are you’re telling yourself the same thing, and you happen to be listening! So change it up with something simple yet effective. Example: “I sleep peacefully/soundly,etc.” “My bed is so comfortable” could even help too!
…man, now I’m tired….
The change in beliefs don’t even have to necessarily be opposites. It can easily involve a different approach to the same concept… For example:  “I don’t make promises I can’t keep”  more simply put “I keep my promises”. Both statements say the same thing at a one level or another, but the latter is an approach taken by a more ‘positive psychology’.

~ by Flawless Destiny on February 22, 2012.

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